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CR1 IMMO Emulator for Mercedes Benz

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Product Specification
Work For Mercedes
Condition New
Weight 0.0288 Kg
CR1 IMMO Emulator for Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz CR1 IMMO Emulator

Vito 2, 2 Cdi 5 plugs

A-Class 1, 7 Cdi 5 plugs

EDC/MSA15.1 2,5 Td 2,9 TD 3,0 Yd 1 plug with mechanical and electronic ignition switch

ECM Bosch with HC11E9 in vehicles with engines of 320-6 cylinders, 430-8 cylinders ML 320

Lucas 4 plugs E-class, 2,0 diesel with mechanical ignition switch

A-class ECM VDO MSM 1,4-1,6-1,9 gasoline

Emulator immo to Mercedes replaces damaged immobilizer or the car key for the group of Mercedes cars.

It function after made changes in memory content of Engine Control Module ECM.

In case of losing the car keys or a car burglary, it enable to drive off from the road to the car sevice.

Due to a low cost, you can leave it in the car instead of buying a new immo or making car keys duplicate.

There is a possibility of using it as the additional security!!

Red LED indicating about transmission: will blink and turn off after properly working.

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