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Xhorse VVDI Land Rover Jaguar XM38 Universal Smart Key - XSLR01EN Pack of 5

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19774 Weight:0.25Kg

Categories: Universal Remotes

Price: $ 85.00


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Product Specification
Manufacturer Xhorse VVDI
In Pack Pack of 5
Panic with
Buttons 5
With Chip With
type Smart Key
Model Name XSLR01EN
Weight 0.25 Kg
Xhorse VVDI Land Rover Jaguar XM38 Universal Smart Key - XSLR01EN Pack of 5
Xhorse VVDI Universal Smart Key -  XSLR01EN Jaguar Land Rover Style XM38 - Pack of 5
XHORSE XSLR01EN JLR Style XM38 Universal Smart Key

XM38 is a series of main chips, XM38 series smart key are divided into Toyota special series, Hyundai special series, and Universal series. The Toyota XM series can support to generate Toyota 8A and universal smart card models, and Hyundai 8A can support to generate Hyundai, Kia 8A and universal smart models. The universal smart type supports to generate 8A and 4D of domestic models, and is also compatible with the original universal smart models.



  • Newly added 8A, 4D type,
  • Supports Change of Button Types & Frequencies
  • Supports Cloning
  • Supports Emergency Start
  • Supports Re-Generate And Re-Use, No Need Bonus Points To Generate
  • Supports All Key Lost And Add Key
  • Generate via VVDI MINI, VVDI Key Tool, Key Tool Max, Key Tool Plus, VVDI2

XM38 Smart Chips Supports IMMO Types:

  • Newly added 8A, 4D type on the basis of the original smart key.
    Support Hyundai, Kia and other 8A models (except Toyota) and 4D models.
  • Support Type: 8A 4D 46 47 49 4A 48 MQB48 MQB49
    Newly added 8A, 4D type

xhorse jlr xm38 smart key

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