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MAGIC FLS0.6S Software Authorization Activation SW Flex Renesas SH7xxxx Slave

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Product Specification
Manufacturer Magic motorsport
Weight 0 Kg
MAGIC FLS0.6S Software Authorization Activation SW Flex Renesas SH7xxxx Slave

Note: we can only activate this activation for Flex devices that were sold by us

The Master version tool has no limitations in the file format. The Master always works with unencrypted files and in .bin format which can therefore be modified with any type of software. Furthermore, the Master has the possibility to use the file editing services offered by MAGICMOTORSPORT and have access to 30 free Green coins per month.

The Slave version tool works only on encrypted files. For the Slave user it will not be possible to have access to the contents of the files and therefore modify them, as they will be in an encrypted format. In order to make any type of change, the Slave user must contact his reference Master, who will be the only one who can encrypt and decrypt the files. The Slave user must necessarily have a reference Master. The Master can be freely chosen by the Slave user or can be recommended by MAGICMOTORSPORT depending on the geographical area of reference of the Slave user. Once the reference Master has been identified, the Slave user will be linked exclusively to that Master for any operation that requires file modification.

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