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KLOM - BMW (HU92) Double x 2 Inner Groove Pick

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KG4722 Weight:0.5Kg

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Product Specification
Manufacturer Klom
Warranty 1 year
Weight 0.5 Kg
KLOM - BMW (HU92) Double x 2 Inner Groove Pick

KLOM BMW (HU92) Double x 2 Inner Groove Pick Easy to use with what’s become a conventional auto-wrench tool and two rakes. Once inserted into the keyhole, the wrench guides the rakes so you just need to rake the lock by inserting and withdrawing the tool at different rates and bias (ie left right, up and down) although only slightly, barely observable with the eye, eventually – and if it’s going to work it will usually be between a matter of seconds or a few minutes, the lock opens..

KLOM BMW (HU92) Double x 2 Inner Groove Pick As with the new VAG Double x 2 pick, the wrench has TWO grooves so the actual 2 piece pick slides through one of these each, adding some stability and precision to the raking process, a great development on an already excellent design which has kept up to date with the change in locks. The procedure effectively rakes the wafers as you’re applying pressure with the wrench. A well known and effective technique for a fraction of the price of similar tools and made better here with two rakes rather than the one – increasing your chances of success.

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