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GODIAG BMW FEM / BDC Test Platform

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19504 Weight:0.384Kg

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Product Specification
Manufacturer GoDiag
Supporting Models BMW FEM/BDC
Weight 0.384 Kg
GODIAG BMW FEM / BDC Test Platform
GODIAG Test Platform for BMW FEM/ BDC
GODIAG FEM/BDC programming test platform is a dedicated device developed for BMW locksmiths, maintenance engineers and FEM/BDC programming engineers.

GODIAG FEM/BDC Programming Test Platform Highlights:

1. Provide locksmiths with the easy and convenient connection for FEM/BDC immobilizer system. 
2. Perform the synchronization test for the programmed FEM / BDC and the key
3. Provide a test environment for the engineers who professionally recycle FEM/BDC. 
4. Help automobile maintenance engineers check whether the FEM/BDC and the key are synchronized correctly. 
5. Provide professional engineers with connecting FEM BDC modules and instrument.
GODIAG Test Platform for BMW FEM/ BDC


1. By working together with Godiag GT100 & Xhorse Key Tool Plus Pad, VVDI2, Autel im608 etc, Godiag FEM/BDC test platform can program new key, can add new key and replace FEM/BDC ECU module.
GODIAG Test Platform for BMW FEM/ BDC
2. Allowed to connect this test platform to the FEM/BDC module to test whether it can communicate or there is any malfunction. 
GODIAG Test Platform for BMW FEM/ BDC
3. Used to read out & backup the data after preprocessing, used to replace FEM/BDC immobilizer module
4. Before installing the FEM/BDC module back to the car, it can be used to test whether the programmed key synchronizes with FEM/BDC.
5. Godiag FEM/BDC test platform can help expand business for the Engineers who are skilled to program FEM/BDC key.
When a car owner lost the key, he or she can remove the FEM/BDC module and the corresponding ECU, then ship them to the locksmith to program new key, also perform a synchronization test on the programmed key and FEM/BDC.

GODIAG Test Platform for BMW FEM/ BDC
6. Troubleshooting - when the key can't start the car, This test platform can be used to pinpoint pinpoint whether it is is caused by the mismatch between FEM/BDC and the key.

GODIAG Test Platform for BMW FEM/ BDC

7. This test platform adopts the dedicated OEM FEM/BDC fast connector, which makes the connection simpler, more convenient and reliable. It will not bend the communication pin of FEM/BDC module.

GODIAG Test Platform for BMW FEM/ BDC
8. GODIAG for BMW FEM/BDC Programming Test Platform Structure Description

GODIAG Test Platform for BMW FEM/ BDC
①  DB25 female connector. (used to connect the DB25 male port of GODIAG GT100)
② Ignition simulated start switch.
③ Immobilizer dashboard simulated indicator.
④ Key sensing area.
⑤ Screw bolt.
⑥ CON7.
⑦ Source connection port.
⑧ Appearance.
⑨ CON8.
9. Dimension 
GODIAG Test Platform for BMW FEM/ BDC
Comparasion Table:
NameGodiag BMW FEM/BDC Test PlatformOther FEM/BDC Test Platform
Key Recognition Area
Stable, easy to identify the keys

Connect to key by wire, need to move keys all the time to detect
Power Plug InterfaceGodiag dedicated OEM connectorConnect to power supply via clip, not stable
Extend FunctionsWork with the obd2-db25 adapter to connect to more ecu and modules (db25 free in package)No

Package includes:
1pc x GODIAG For BMW FEM/ BDC Programming Test Platform
1pc x  GODIAG OBD2 to OBD25 Cable

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