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ESL Online Unlock Tool for All Mercedes-Benz E & C series

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ESL Online Unlock Tool for All Mercedes-Benz E & C series

 ESL Unlock Online For Mercedes Benz E/C Series

Top 5 Reasons To Get Mercedes Benz E/C Series ESL:

1. Safe and efficient, ESL unlock only about 3 seconds; do not need to connect the computer
2. Support for all Mercedes-Benz E / C series unlock ESL online
3. Solve this model has been the control unit must be replaced ESL world problems, are only data communication through the OBD port unlock online ESL,a high degree of intelligence. Simple and easy to operate.
4. The use of safety control unit will not damage ESL system; currently done at the same time Mercedes-Benz E / C Series ESL unlock the quickest, most secure equipment
5. This product has reached the level of intelligence the advanced international level, domestic technology leader. Maintenance of automotive electronics is also a fellow and the best car repair workshop equipment.

Specific Steps Are As Follows: 

1. The same truck and removed the plug ESL; plug unlock ESL instrument plug (no PC);
2. To unlock ESL Miriam Benz OBD car diagnostic interface into OBD;
3. OBD Mercedes-Benz Instrument ESL unlock about three seconds after the electricity, apparatus will "drop" is called 3 sound, alarm sound stopped; at this time to unlock the success of ESL

Packing list:

1 x Mercedes-Benz E / C Series ESL

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