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XTOOL X100 MAX Auto Key Programmer With KC501 ECU Coding

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Product Specification
Manufacturer XTool
Language English,Spanish,German,French,Portuguese,Italian,Finnish,Arabic,Japanese,Thai,Korean,Polish,Russian,Chinese etc
Warranty 1 year
Original Yes
XTOOL X100 MAX Auto Key Programmer With KC501 ECU Coding

Best Chose of the Locksmith


If you are looking for a top key fob programming tool that "can work, work much, work fast", XTOOL X100MAX is worth a try! Compared to the entry-level tool X100PAD3, IM608 with enhanced KC501breaks through its capability and can work on most cars with advanced IMMO systems, such as For Benz, BMW, VW,etc. with KS01 & SK1, can professional for toyota all key lost and can perform complete IMMO and key fob programming in 3X faster, such as IMMO/EEPROM/MCU/ Engine read and write, Key add/delete/learn,etc..


2.Come with Enhanced KC501 & KS01 & M821/M822&SK1


The enhanced KC501 key fob programmer can realize more special functions for special vehicles, supporting IMMO functions such as For 3rd Gen Benz IMMO Add Key/All Key Lost via OBD, For Volvo smart key learning,etc, and Key Programming function such as remote frequency detection, For Benz Infrared key read/write,etc. Xtool adapter Ks01 can Works for Toyota all key lost,M821/M822 For benz all key lost and for Toyota 4A/8A & SK1 With Bench-free Pincode-free


3.Advanced ECU Coding, Same as D9


Do you want to do some high-end repairs or customize your car? Then you can't miss XTOOL X100MAX ! It can perform advanced ECU Coding as XTOOL D9/PS90 to change pre-programmed options already existent in vehicles' ECU, commonly used to help activate/match/ code/relearn the replaced ECU modules to the on-board systems, change some annoying factory-settings, or unlock high-end features hidden in your car.


4.OE-level Diagnostic & Guided Function


Medium and large workshop scanner X100MAX, with the same diagnostic capability as D9/D9pro/PS90, can access all available vehicle modules such as PCM, ECM, TCM, BCM, SCCM, etc, to read/clear codes, view live data, perform active tests, guided function, coding, adaptation, reflash hidden functions,etc. Guided functions provides step by step guidance/instructions to complete complex maintenace services. Compatible with For VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Man LD.


5.Bi-Directional Control/ Active Test


Are you still spending a lot of time looking for car problems? Guess and guess, why don't you test it now? Key Programming tool X100MAX can perform active test that can send commands to the ECU to activate the actuators, like ABS, window, door, solenoids, valves, wipers, headlamp, etc, for directly monitoring their operation to quickly find out bad parts and pinpoint faulty issues.


6.42+ Maintenance Services, Meet ALL Your Need


How much did you spend on maintaining your car? In fact, experience tells us that just a small repair service may cost much money. So XTOOL X100MAX are actively reducing the unnecessary expense by integrating 42+ services, meeting most of daily maintenance needs, such as Oil/EPB/SAS/DPF/BMS/ABS Bleed/Injector, etc.


7.Topology Mapping Capability(Newest)


XTOOL X100Max X100 Elite smart diagnostic tool features Module Topology to scan all available car modules and show color coded diagnosis status in tree mapping that reveals the underlying communication structures between modules,greatly improved Repair Efficiency for Workshops


8.Support CAN FD& CAN FD + Bluetooth or Cables


X100MAX Supports DoIP & CAN FD protocol vehicles for much faster data transfer rates, compatible with newer vehicles that are CAN FD (for GM 2020+ vehicles) & DoIP protocol(for BMW E/F/G Chassis,for Jaguar, for Land Rover etc.vehicle makes) ,saving you tons of money on buying adapters,and no more worry about connector loss.

No need buy more adapters again )

X100MAX Support wired and bluetooth work at the same time, making work more convenient no matter when


8.Strong Hardware, Upgraded Ver. Of X100 PAD3


X100 MAX key programmer equipped with Android 10.0.0 OS,Quad-Core 1.8Ghz processor, 9.7" 1024*768 screen ,10,000mAh battery that lasts up to 10 hours of continuous use ️2GB +64GB memory ️8MP camera ️Faster AUTO VIN Technology️Full Adapter Kits ️Support CANFD,DOIP, and etc

Complete IMMO Functions


1.Check number of keys
2.Read PIN code/PIN code calculation
3. Add keys
4. Generate dealer key
5. Program new key Fobs
6. Remote learning
7. All keys lost
8. Read & write car keys & key chip
9. Generate dealer keys
10. Read remote frequency, chip type & chip ID
11. Read & write MCU/EEPROM chip

Support most car models Key Programmer


X100Max comes with complete IMMO functions like Read PIN, key learning, remote learning, key generation, all-key-lost, IMMO data backup/restore, IMMO ECU Reset/Adaptation/Refresh/Coding, Key Learning and ECU Adaptation for Benz FEM/BDC, Key Learning for BMW CAS4/3/2 key, Add Key, All-Key-Lost for VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat IMMO III/IV/V, Add Key for VW/Audi MQB(VDD & JCI), Key Learning for IMMO VW A4/A5/Q5 2015+.

More and More Car Models Suppoted

Like X100PAD3 can support for

●Support For LADA ,For Russian Renault and etc.
●Support for Brazil Renault,GM,Fiat and Brazil car models etc.
●Support for Perodua and for Proton Malaysia car models etc.
●Support for Renault Megane III with France Car models etc.
(Keep Update for Newest Software and car models )

XTOOL X100MAX Key programmer is much better than the immo elite and IM508,IM608 .Support most new car models

X100MAX With KC501


X100 MAX equipped with KC501 key programmer, allows you to proceed with advanced key programming for higher-security vehicle brands, read remote frequency, chip type, and key ID, remote learning, read, write and backup the EEPROM chip inside the immobilizer module. Through this adapter, you can get access to the IMMO data, and read pin code and mileage information

KC501 Already including the KC100+EEPROM Functions


• Dealer-Level" Full Systems Diagnostics

X100 MAX has the abilities as OEM tools to perform all available systems diagnostic to view all the situation of each system tp read/clear codes, live data PIDs graphing for all vehicle systems including Engine, Transmission, Chassis and Safety control system, Body control system, Communication and Entertainment system, etc.


• Bi-Directional Control

Full control over all various vehicles components to perform active tests like EVAP test, idle relearn, injector test, cycling ABS motor pump, A/C Clutch Switch On/Off, Windows Turn On/Off, Fuel Trim Reset, Fuel Composition Reset, etc.

XTOOL X100 MAX 2023 Newest Auto Diagnosic ToolS, Upgraded Version of X100 PAD3/IK618


Oil Reset: Reset service intervals after oil change and turn off the oil light.

EPB Reset: Reset brake pads after replacement of brake system.

SAS Adjustment: Perform calibration of the steering angle sensor

BMS Reset: Register the new battery to the ECU after replacement.

Throttle Relearn: Enables you to make initial settings to throttle to adjust the amount of air intake.

ABS Bleeding: Perform ABS Brake Bleed function to cycle the ABS pump to bleed the air out of the ABS.

Injector Coding: Coding injectors after replacement.

Transmission Match: Reset the adaptive shifting points in your automatic Transmission Control Unit.

Gear Learning: Crankshaft position sensor learns crankshaft tooth machining tolerance and saves to the tablet to diagnose engine misfires more accurately.

Full Special functions: Steering position sensor calibration, Zero Point Calibration, Hybrid Control Compression Test, HVAC Control Module Calibrate, Injector balance test, ECU Configuration, VGT Turbo Calibration, Idle Learn Reset, Alcohol Content Reset, ABS Initialization, Seat Weight Sensor Calibration, Fuel Trim Reset, Cylinder Power Balance, Crankshaft Sensors Relearn, Language change, A/F Settings, Stop/Start Reset, etc....
(all special functions inside the diagnostic menu ,more than 50+ Special functions )

Auto Vin + Guided Functions


• Guide Functions: With VAG Guide Functions, X100 MAX scan tool can perform complex functions such as special functions, ECU coding, etc., to help your diagnostic step by step with instructions for VW, for Audi, for Skoda, etc.

• AutoScan & AutoVIN: AutoVIN functions allowing you to quickly figure out Vehicle Identification No. (VIN) to perform fast diagnostic.

Live Data & Online Technical Support


• Live Data Graph : To better organize large amounts of data for comparison and analyze the data to track the vehicle performance.
(8 in 1 Date Gragh --- the data is displayed more clearly)

• Online Tchnical Support: if any needs can contact xtool for online provide and on time support

Supprot CAN FD/DOIP &Diagnostic Report


• CAN FD/DOIP protocols, for GM MY2020+ models. It can work on 85+ car brands, 140+ models and 10,000 cars globally

• Diagnostic Report:X100MAX supports printing diagnostic reports


Support Multiple Languages


English,Spanish,German,French,Portuguese,Italian,Finnish,Arabic,Japanese,Thai,Korean,Polish,Russian,Chinese etc.Come to us with S/N number to chage.

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