Original LISHI CY24 2-in-1 Auto Pick and Decoder For Chrysler

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Original LISHI CY24 2-in-1 Auto Pick and Decoder For Chrysler

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Support: Chrysler series, 300C, Edifier, Cherokee, Dodge, Jeep series, EAGLE, new Maserati Smart, 14 Fiat Fischer, latest Lincoln

Guidance of how to discriminate if your Lishi Tools are the real original ones

Notice that Lishi is a Chinese Company.   All original Lishi tools comes from China,  even those with labels.

Just Open Official Lishi website which is owned by Mr Li, who is Lishi creator, there's a post showing you the difference.

Chinese version: http://www.lishilock.cn/

English version: http://www.lishilock.cn/EN/msg.aspx

Other website are built by distributors abroad. Only this one belongs to Mr. Li.

Original Lishi comes with logos with Mr Li's head, and with Chinese word of 李志勤, which is the name of Lishi tool creator.

So if your Lishi tool comes with these logo, then it is original, with top quality.

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Support Car Model Listing:


300M (1998 To 2004)

Cirrus (1999 To 2002)

Concorde (1998 To 2004)

LHS (1999 To 2004)

Neon (1998 To 2005)

New Yorker (1999 To 2004)

PT Cruiser (2000 To 2005)

Sebring (1999 Onwards)

Sebring Coupe (2001 To 2002)

Sebring Sedan (2001 To 2002)

Stratus (1998 To 2006)

Town And Country (2001 Onwards)

Vision (1998 To 2002)

Voyager (1998 Onwards)

Aspen (2007 Onwards)

Pacifica (2004 To 2008)

PT Cruiser (2006 Onwards)


Avenger (2008)

Caliber (2007 Onwards)

Caravan (2001 To 2007)

Charger (2005 To 2007)

Dakota (2001 Onwards)

Durango (2001 Onwards)

Intrepid (1998 To 2004)

Magnum (2005 To 2007)

Neon (2000 To 2005)

Nitro (2007 To 2008)

Ram (2002 Onwards)

Strattus (2001 To 2006)

Voyager Van (2001 Onwards)


Vision (1998)


Cherokee (1998 To 2001)

Commander (2006 To 2007)

Compass (2007 To 2008)

Grand Cherokee (1998 To 2007)

Liberty (2002 Onwards)

Patriot (2007 Onwards)

Wrangler (1998 Onwards)


Breeze (1999 To 2003)

Neon (2001 To 2003)

Voyager (2001 To 2003)

Package listing:

1 pcs of LISHI CY24 2-in-1 Auto Pick and Decoder For Chrysler